Your Highest Volume Branch

WRG’s Symmetry eBanking acts as the cornerstone for your digital storefront, providing superior access and functionality while you maintain full control over customization.  With a broad array of baked-in features including eAlerts, multi-factor authentication, ACH origination, Secure Messaging, and sub-account opening, Symmetry combines most of your key services into a single platform, enabling unparalleled feature interaction and lower total cost of operation.  And for services and features outside of our standard product, we offer best-in-breed solutions from our eCo-System Application partners.

Symmetry Online Banking is built on the latest Microsoft .NET framework with a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) allowing a quick and easy process for adding new services to ensure that your members are receiving the latest and greatest. The SOA architecture enables product and platform support with the highest level of reliability.

  • PFM

    Personal Finance Manager

    Through our partnership with Geezeo, help your members make the most of their money. Features Include: Money Management Tools, Dashboard View, Budgeting & Spending Targets, Cash Flow Management, Bill/Income Calendar, Expense Tracer and more!

  • eAlerts_image


    Provide better service and enhance account security by offering your members eAlerts. Enable members to get electronic notifications at the address of their choosing, when any of a variety of actions or changes take place in their accounts.

  • Secure Messaging

    Secure Messaging

    Communicate seamless and securely with your members across their eMail address on record, without ever again worrying about member data or information security.  Recipient of a CU Journal Best Practices Award, our Secure Messaging works intuitively for member and staff alike without the need for standalone desktop applications.

  • ACH Transfer

    Member-Directed ACH

    Your member often has money in other bank accounts.  Make it easy for him to transfer money to and from these institutions directly within your online banking.

Symmetry Online integrates tightly with your core system, with features that help you engage members and provide exceptional online service

  • Open Sub-Accounts

    Opening a new account is only a click away.  Supporting multiple share types including CD’s, special purpose, and money markets, our sub-account routine makes it easy for your member to add new sub-accounts directly within online banking, and stored on your host in real-time.  And tie this feature directly into Member-Directed ACH to enable a powerful funding tool to bring new deposits into your institution!

  • More Transaction Details

    All debits and credits are displayed in the Account History screen, including a transaction description, amount, current balance and previous balance.  Pending transactions, including those within your ACH warehouse, and any PIN or signature-based POS transactions are indicated with a link that allows the member to see the exact transactions that account for current and available balance.

  • More Transfer Options

    Members can transfer funds within their own accounts including shares, loans and credit cards. They can also transfer funds to other member accounts through cross-account relationships on the host, or push money to any member by simply knowing the account ID and last name.  With Member-Directed ACH, enable inbound and outbound transfers to other institutions.

  • Marketing Promos

    Use the sophisticated marketing cross-selling tools in our system to take online marketing to the next level.  Our product supports multiple concurrent campaigns to be run to your eBanking members, keeping full track of eligibility, opt-in and participation, and campaign priorities.

  • Page Widgets

    Enhance the look and functionality of your Online Banking by enabling the use of widgets for third-party connections such as Facebook, or PFM tools.

  • Custom Pages and Interfaces

    With our Web Services API, you are able to create your own custom pages and forms to provide that tailored experience for your members.  In addition, you can build interfaces to other vendors or providers for additional functionality.  This allows you to have control of your site – of course, WRG is always ready to assist with this customization, just contact us!