Symmetry Mobile Banking

A Mobile Platform Optimized for the Many Devices Your Members Carry

Your members’ mobile devices are at the center of everything they do. And in the ever-growing app stores, you must fight for their attention. A recent report from PwC describes how a leading social media company sees its average user spend about 50 minutes every day on its platform, compared to 54 seconds per day on the app of a leading retail bank. And banks are not your only competition. Seven of the ten largest companies in the world are platform providers – companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon. All seven are now offering some form of financial services.

You Need to Stand Out!

In this crowded field, your mobile app must stand out and be your members’ preferred app for managing finances. At WRG, we’ve designed our mobile apps to be exactly that. We deliver exceptional, seamless user experiences, with a tight integration of all of your key products and services.

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Symmetry eBanking Brochure

Provide Your Members an App that Manages All of their Finances in One Experience:

Card Controls

Remote Deposit Capture

Personal Financial Management

Designed to Address Crucial Mobile App Needs

Ask yourself:

  1. Does your mobile channel meet and even exceed the functionality of your Online banking system?
  2. Does you Mobile app provide seamless feature integration with Online?
  3. Does Your Mobile App allow for you to uniquely highlight aspects of your credit union’s presence with your community and members?

If you can’t answer affirmatively to all three questions, contact us to find out how Symmetry Mobile Banking can redefine your member experience.

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