The Company

Wescom Resources Group (WRG) was formed in June of 2002, as a CUSO of Wescom Credit Union. In the years since then, we have grown each year by focusing our solutions on three universal credit union business objectives.

Like you, we share a common vision around the use of eBanking solutions in the fulfillment of credit union business goals. On one hand, we continually raise the bar of feature functionality within our native eBanking products. At the same time, we understand the many ancillary services required for success, and enable you to connect seamlessly to these in delivery of a unique value proposition to your member base. The result is a delivery channel that reflects the exceptional member service you stand for, supported with innovative features they can’t get elsewhere.

WRG serves 130 credit unions nationwide, ranging in assets from $10 Million to nearly $10 Billion. This scale gives us the size and market power to innovate quickly and effectively. But it keeps us focused so that we engage closely with every client. In addition to Symmetry eBanking, we offer Tellergy, a branch automation product, and Unitri, an end-to-end Service Bureau. All of this is supported by a staff with deep technical expertise on the Episys and Keystone core processing systems.

  • Providing Exceptional Member Service
  • Growing the Membership Base
  • Expanding each Member Relationship

Our Team

The WRG Team consists of over 95 full-time associates. In addition, we use the services of over 50 Wescom Credit Union employees in departments that include Computer Operations, IT Security, Bill Pay processing, Item Processing, Network/Telecom and Server Administration.

Our team is spread nationwide across four primary field offices, along with home-based employees in 14 states. Our team members include designers, programmers, consultants, project managers, administrators, client service reps, quality assurance, sales representatives, and technical writers – all of whom have a passion for service excellence. This team is supported by an executive team whose members each have spent their careers in technology delivery.

Our Executive Team includes:

  • Kevin Sarber
  • Brian Sedlak
  • Dave Cerwinski
  • Rob Italiano