Core Hosting, Programming and Related Services

Outsourcing your credit union’s operations is nothing new. But outsourcing it to WRG delivers game-changing improvements in performance.

Core Hosting is about a lot more than system infrastructure. It’s about superior Products and innovative Processes. More than that, it’s about skilled People, with the expertise to do the job seamlessly. When you combine these elements together, you get quality that’s worth more than the sum of its parts.

Wherever you’re at in your Core Hosting decision process, we invite you to engage with us to learn more. If you haven’t visited our Operations Center, we invite you to schedule a visit today.


Our People become an extension of your team — bringing their leadership, depth of expertise, and an unmatched passion to deliver.


Our Products are expertly selected and skillfully implemented in a way to increase your flexibility and momentum.


Our approach to Process automation gives you peace of mind, coupled with flexibility and your choice on the level of control.

“It was amazing. Of five other Core Hosting systems I’ve worked with in my career, working with WRG is not like any that I’ve experienced before. They take care of all the hardware updates, maintenance, upkeep, replication, and disaster recovery. Yet, I have the flexibility to do what I need to do with the core just like it was in-house!”

Becky Reed, CEO, Lone Star Credit Union


Our People share a passion for serving credit union members, and bring that to their jobs serving our clients each day.

Integrated Products

Expertly-selected, and skillfully-deployed to simplify your operations.

Best-in-Breed Core Platforms

Unitri supports Corelation’s Keystone and Symitar’s Episys, the industry’s two leading core platforms by total conversion count.

Unlimited Scalability

You’ll never need more capacity than we deliver. We plan capacities to always support double the total of subscribed occupancy.

24×7 Staff availability

Our staff is available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day, giving you the convenience and peace of mind you need.


To reach your best potential, you need a provider who can support unique third party connections and partner with you on their deployment.

More credit unions utilize our Core Hosting today than ever before. Contact Us to find out how YOUR credit union can be operationally transformed by WRG’s UNITRI Core Hosting!

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