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UNITRI Managed Services is a private cloud computing solution for credit unions and other FI’s that incorporates scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service, complemented by superior Systems and Products, innovative Processes, and world-class People.

Leveraging UNITRI simplifies the storing, securing, integrating, and transmitting of your data.

Infrastructure as a Service…

Our private cloud environment provides scalable access to a full suite of processing, storage, networking, management and security resources. All of this infrastructure is leveraged in a pay-as-you-go OpEx-based format that avoids costly capital investments.

Focused On Your Systems…

Unitri Managed Services focuses on platforms and applications that serve credit unions, including:

  • Core Host Processing – featuring Corelation’s Keystone, or Jack Henry’s Episys
  • Mortgage Servicing – featuring FICS®
  • IVR and Speech-enabled apps – from ENACOMM
  • VMware Virtualized Servers – for your other internal Windows and Linux systems. 


With WRG’s team, you tap into the collective expertise of professionals that offer depth in a wide spectrum of skills, including:

  • Server Admins / IT Operations
  • IT/Cyber Security Management
  • Data Processing / Job Automation
  • Networking/Telecommunications
  • C# .NET / JavaScript Programming
  • Microsoft SQL DBMS
  • PMP / Project Management


Our IT capital hardware and software investments provide you best-in-class solutions for:

  • Core data processing — IBM Power and Dell X86 for AIX or Linux.
  • Mortgage servicing — FICS®
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) — Pure Storage
  • SD-WAN —  VMware
  • Job Automation — SMA OpCon

… along with dozens of other vendor solutions for physical and logical infrastructure, and cyber security.


Outsource a wide array of critical repeatable Processes in:

  • Data Processing / Job Automation
  • Hardware Updates / Monitoring
  • File Transmission and Secure FTP
  • IT/Cyber Security Operations
  • DR system and site failover and BCM
  • Run-time app updates
  • Audit/Compliance

Outsourcing these processes enables you to focus on innovation and member excellence.

Trusted, Tested Private Cloud Hosting

  • Maintain full control, but with no capital investment
  • Two geographically dispersed data centers (Tier III)
  • On-site 24×7 data processing operations and security staff
  • Meticulous physical and mechanical infrastructure, security and redundancy
  • High-speed managed connections over SD-WAN
  • Cyber Kill Chain model for multi-layer protection at every stage of: Recon, Stage, Launch, Exploit, Install, Call Back, Persist
  • Real-time data replication and back-up across sites
  • Third-party provider plugins and managed connections
  • Enterprise application hosting with VMware for Windows/Linux
  • Network configuration and management, including security management
  • Network monitoring and proactive notifications of system health
  • Core System custom scripting
  • Compliance/Audits

Reorient your IT staff’s time to strategic, member-focused solutions

Reallocate physical, financial, and human resources

Reimagine your infrastructure at scale, regardless of your credit union’s size!

Ready to simplify your data management and processing? Trust Wescom Resources Group to partner with your IT and Operations teams.

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