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    As a wholly-owned CUSO of Wescom, Wescom Resource Group simplifies data management and processing for credit unions. We unlock the power of your people, by augmenting them with ours team and layering in the best systems, products, and processes to better manage your data.

    3 Ways Branch Technology Upgrades Boost ROI

      June 24, 2022
      Much of today’s technology talk is centered around digital banking and buzzwords like embedded finance, but your credit union branch network is a prime spot to up your tech game to serve members better and more efficiently.

      Enhancing Credit Union Relevance in a Quickly Changing World

        June 24, 2022
        An expansion on Wescom CU CEO Darren Williams’ recent presentation at the Corelation Client Conference by WESCOM RESOURCES GROUP President Dave Cerwinski. When I joined the credit union movement in 2006, credit unions had about an 8% share of the overall US banking market.

        Benefits of IaaS for Credit Unions

          May 13, 2022
          Credit unions, as cooperatives, are already familiar with leveraging economies of scale through collaboration. Your digital infrastructure is no different. Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, allows credit unions to securely scale technology and capabilities at a fraction of the cost through service providers.

          Member Facing Updates to Welcome Them Back to the Branch

            April 28, 2022
            It’s been a couple of years since some of your members came into your credit union branches on a regular basis, thanks to COVID 19. How are you welcoming them back? According to a survey by software company EPAM Systems, even during the pandemic, 79% of consumers used a branch in 2021.

            Seven Steps for Cybersecurity During Times of Heightened Risk

              March 30, 2022
              The Russian invasion of Ukraine has had ripple effects around the world, from the testing of NATO to even higher prices at the gas pump. Credit unions themselves are not immune as the administration has warned of increased cyberattack risk in retaliation to the sanctions levied in response to the ongoing conflict.

              How does your credit union’s brand present to your members?

                March 7, 2022
                Brand is more than a logo. It’s not transaction marketing simply sent to provide a shot in the arm to get loans flowing. Your credit union’s brand represents who you are, what you do and why you do it. Digitization and transformation are increasingly critical for efficiencies, capabilities and yes, brand.