Plug into our network of Best-in-Breed Partners.

Our partnership network is comprised of Application Partners and Core Provider Partners. Each group consists of hand-picked organizations, providing distinct value to our Clients.

Within an e-banking deployment, you  need a variety of different point solution providers, each catering to a specific functional need — such as Bill Pay, remote deposit capture, PFM, and more. Our system architecture allows us to interface with many different providers.  Since our business philosophy is not to force our clients to adopt specific third-party providers, we have grown the list of interfaces, to support most providers that our clients already work with.

That said, we realize we shouldn’t stop there. With some preferred providers, we’ve found it advantageous to build a tighter and deeper integration, to provide you better quality products with cleaner user interfaces and more reliability. These preferred providers  share our common vision and business philosophy. We call them our Eco-System partners. They provide best-in-class solutions across some key areas of focus.

Application Partners

Our goal with our Application Partners is not to lock you into a specific provider, but to provide you an option that includes enhanced functionality with our products, should you elect to use it. It will also provide superior price performance, since the interface is already pre-built, taking advantage of the design, development and testing already undertaken at Wescom CU before deploying the solution.


WRG Core Provider Partners

Our Core Provider partners are focused exclusively on serving the needs of credit unions. With our Wescom Credit Union backing, we use our deep organizational experience with the core system and strive to make the most of this in the products we build. As an example, we have found that the richness of information offered within online banking has a direct impact on the volume of calls received in your call center. Therefore, we are proud to work with select core providers who support open interoperability with third parties like us. These providers include: