Leave Computer Operations to the Specialists

Running a credit union has never been easy. But in recent years, increased competitive and regulatory pressures, along with higher consumer expectations for financial service providers, has raised the bar so high that it feels like you need to be an IT expert in order to keep pace. Your host system should streamline processes and make it easy for you write loans and post transactions. But how often does it feel like you must work around your system, rather than with it?

Thankfully, there is an easier way! Outsource your daily host system operations to WRG, leaving you and your staff to focus on the business that energizes you most – serving your members’ financial needs!

Our Service Bureau solution is founded on the understanding that collaboration is the key to our success. All of the people, processes and infrastructure at WRG serve both Wescom, and our Service Bureau clients. Our Computer Operations, Imaging Workflow, and Project Management teams stand ready to partner with you and your credit union. The result is significantly lower ownership costs for all of our clients, with unmatched experience and expertise that nobody can put a price on.

WRG’s Service Bureau is where all the pieces come together to form a powerful partner in reaching your business and service objectives. The six general categories that comprise our Service Bureau include:

  • Core Data Hosting Hosted core processing on our redundant IBM Power 740 Series servers.
  • Online Applications WRG’s innovative MemberEdge eBanking suite
  • Programming & Maintenance custom programming services from our business consultants, to harness your core system and put it to better work for you.
  • Daily Processing Services round the clock services from our Computer Operations team.
  • Technology Infrastructure Our state-of-the-art Tier IV data center, with full off-site disaster recovery, provides the reliability and security you need… which translates to peace of mind!
  • Operational Support the dedicated support of a Client Services coordinator, who establishes routine project management and on-going support, to help you stay on top of everything.